Introducing the first high-intensity team training gym designed by the training experts at Tough Mudder. Train Together. #TougherTogether

Functional Fitness

Train for life and to achieve your own goals - whether or not those include an obstacle course event.

Powered by Teamwork

Every workout features interactions between partner and group teams. Come alone, meet friends, train together for ultimate success.

45-minute Full Body Classes

Get a full body workout in 45-minutes with circuit driven, high-intensity classes.

Workouts Change Daily

Keep your body guessing with 6 different class types and new programming every single day.

Inclusive and Safe

Every workout is appropriate for beginners to advanced athletes. Easy to follow modifications for every exercises, no high risk technique. Jump in and go.

Quit Proof

Programming built to bring you back, Technology & Benchmarking tracking your progress, your Community holding you accountable.

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