3.5 Million Reasons We're Different.

10% of people who sign up for Tough Mudder never make it to the start line. Why? Most of them signed up alone, instead of on a team. It turns out that teamwork in training is just as important as teamwork on the course. That’s why we’re launching the opportunity to own a Tough Mudder bootcamp. With 3.5 million instant customers and a disruptive approach to fitness, we’re tougher together. It's no surprise that reserved territories are going fast, joining the Tough Mudder Bootcamps already slated to open in late 2017.

Instant Customer Base
The Tough Mudder community is made up of over 3.5 million participants, volunteers, and spectators. Open your Tough Mudder Bootcamp knowing that, on day one, we’ll be able to refer members your way.
Unparalleled Marketing Support
Launch your Tough Mudder Bootcamp with a custom marketing plan and keep members coming back with localized business and marketing strategies designed by leaders in the industry.
Low Investment, High Margins
With a minimal real estate footprint, low upfront investment, and instant customer base, you’ll be set up for success.
Premium Turn-Key Operations
Unique workouts delivered via our custom technology, classes built on functional fitness not expensive equipment, and support from a world-class operations team. We've done everything for you except reserve a territory.


July 19

Join us at Tough Mudder Headquarters to learn more about the opportunity to own a Tough Mudder Bootcamp. Meet the team dedicated to your success, hear from top marketing leaders, and see a preview of the product firsthand.

15 MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY


The Bootcamp

We've spent the past year incognito, prototyping workouts and class formats to create a program that truly disrupts the fitness industry. Pairing team workouts with high intensity interval training, the 6 different classes increase accountability, deliver amazing results, and provide a fun training program. This is not an indoor jungle gym - there aren't any obstacles. It's functional fitness for life, not just a Tough Mudder event. Each class is supported by our unique technology platform that delivers movements at each class station, so coaches can coach (and you don't have to worry about programming or expensive trainers). Plus, you'll receive new workouts daily, keeping classes diverse and members coming back for more.

The Community

People have been training for Tough Mudder for years, now we’re putting a name on it. The Tough Mudder Bootcamp is designed to bring the Tough Mudder and local community together, while providing the best group based functional fitness workout. The affordable price point for classes brings the teamwork, camaraderie, and fun that make a Tough Mudder unique, to even more people. Moreover, integration with Tough Mudder events unites members around a common goal, while introducing new members who want to join the Tribe.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the workout?

The workout is 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training. All movements can be scaled to different fitness levels from newbie to pro-athlete, but whoever you are come expecting to sweat!

Is it only for people running Tough Mudder events?

Absolutely not. Whilst attending Tough Mudder Bootcamp workouts will put you in great shape for running a Tough Mudder event, it will also put you in great shape for just about anything else. We train functional movement which will help you perform better in athletics, but also in everyday life, whether it be running around after the kids of lifting grocery bags.

Who can own a Tough Mudder Bootcamp?

Just about anyone qualified can own a Tough Mudder Bootcamp. As with any business there is capital required for investment. Previous experience running a fitness or other franchise business is a plus. Fill out the form [above], and we will be in touch with more information and to discuss your suitability.

How do I find out more?

Fill out the form [above], and we will be in touch with more information and to discuss your suitability.

Where can I find out about Tough Mudder events?

Go to toughmudder.com or click here.